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The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.

Logo Design

A recognizable graphic element, often including a name, symbol or trademark that represents an organization or product.


The study and design of typefaces, as well as the way in which the type is laid out to best achieve the desired visual effect. This should also convey the meaning of the reading matter.

Page Layout

The process of placing text, graphics, pictures, and other elements of a document to be displayed.

Website Design

The key word is “Design”. This describes the tasks of designing web pages to be displayed over the internet. The prosses ncompasses desinging elements including color, layout, and overall graphical appearance.

User Experience

The overall experience a person has using a website, computer application, or product.


The art or technique of making prints including engraving, etching, drypoint, woodcut or serigraphy.


The conversion of raster graphics into vector graphics.

Visual Art

Any art created primarily for visual perception, such as drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts.

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